Thursday, 20 March 2014

Getting the flow flowing...

Encouragingly we have been doing some pretty amazing things between us all, and now that we have offered our individual talents, services, skills and resources to the A.E.C. we are likely to get to a place where sharing becomes an everyday feature of peoples lives. This will not be a bad thing, way too little real sharing (altruism) goes on presently in society, yet there are many wonderful examples to cheer us along being done both here in Lincoln and the wider community if we look and see. We are hoping that through the A.E.C.  a new wave of collective activity and collaboration, working cooperatively will flood the world around us with positivity and love, and set a bench mark of community spirit to be sought after. The skills and talents of each person whom have already expressed their interest in getting involved are wide and varied, giving us hope that everything can be seen as opportunities to learn and incorporate our determined efforts to do something alternative. Our world needs pioneers, people like the Rochdale Pioneers who set the Co-operative movement well and truly on its way. Almost two hundred years later, the ethics of those early men and women, their core Values and Principles are still a beacon of hope to people who see that the purely capitalist way of working is seriously flawed and bound by much greediness. Co-operatives are different, they are by the people for the people. Though some current  activities of the Co-op Group are being called into question, (and rightly so) the actual values and principles of co-operation when properly implemented, can be seen as a well thought out development tool for the common and hard working man in the street to feel as an equal in society. Solidarity is about working together and sharing the resources eqitably. 
A new project that is also underway here in Lincoln, and will heavily compliment the A.E.C. is being heralded as the best COMMUNITY ACTIVITY PROJECT FOR DECADES. Soon to open this summer in the old 'BIG WOK' building on Beaumont Fee it will have a hefty mantle to carry, but in many ways it will be the best chance Lincoln has had in a very long time to be truly a collective and co-operative venture. BECAUSE it has very little to do with making money. Of course there have been many projects paid for by us the taxpayers that have benefitted Lincoln and Lincolnshire, and we are grateful to all of them. The new venture, titled LINCOLN-SHARE is observably different. It will house a variety of groups that are offering their services to the community and general public that are provided for free or low cost activity participation. Groups such as the already established Revival Lincoln's community well-being activity centre, Therapists Cooperative Consortium, Hack-space Lincoln, The Social Science Centre, Transition Town Lincoln, General Practice, and newer recently developing groups like our Abundant Earth Community amongst others, will have space and resource facilities available to them for development and shared activity. 
So its another helping up hand to our aims and objectives. If you'd like to know more about what we are hoping to achieve then please read all the previous blog items. If you seriously want to be part of the creation of this group A.E.C. and or any of the others mentioned, then all you need to do is get involved and in touch with us, letting us know how you feel that you could co-operate effectively as part of this group. We are going to begin with more frequent meetings for the core group, strategising and directing our joint efforts, and also hold regular informal gatherings for new people to come and find out what we are doing and how we are developing the Abundant Earth Community.
The time is now for change, so please come and get involved with us. We are all about change that is both productive and sustainable and you are the key players in this....
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We look forward to hearing from you all.

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